Ms Jaya

Teaching Year(s):
Education and Experience:
Jolly Qualified Phonics Teacher Have been teaching in HK for 10 years in kindergartens

Teaching Beliefs

      In my job I am involved in a very important aspect of children’s lives and I take that responsibility very seriously. I have a son who is a very energetic young boy. When he goes to school I hope that he enjoys his lessons and learns a lot, I have the same approach in my teaching. Children want to learn and they learn the most when they are in a comfortable environment and are enjoying lessons. This makes it all the more important as I am forming a young learner’s attitude towards second language education so it is important to stimulate their interest and help them get over any anxiety. 


      The great thing about being a teacher is seeing how happy young learners are when they learn something.  There are no such words as “I cannot do…” Each and every child has the ability to achieve their goals. It gives me great job satisfaction to know that I am helping students reach their full potential.